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Learn from the Brightest Math Minds
Attend live online lessons taught by Master Teachers who are graduates of the world’s top universities such as Oxford, Princeton, NUS & NTU, multi-award winning Math Olympians, former GEP students, top PSLE scorers and former MOE teachers.
Two Teachers to Nurture Your Child
Before, during and after lessons, a dedicated Guiding Teacher partners you and your child – ensuring your child’s attentiveness during live lessons, marking homework, providing feedback for improvement and having regular conversations to discuss his or her learning progress.
Excellent Achievements in International Math Olympiad Competitions
Think Academy's students have won: - 17 Gold Awards at the International Math Olympiad (IMO) - Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT) Guts Round 2nd, 9th and 11th position, and 4th and 5th place for Team Round - Over 100 Gold Awards at the Chinese Mathematical Olympiad (CMO)...and more!
Effective Live Online Learning x Singapore Math Curriculum
Singapore Primary Math curriculum and pedagogies developed by Curriculum Specialists formerly from MOE towards achieving excellent PSLE Math results. EdTech-powered learning experiences based on rigorous research and innovation for effective teaching, learning, and formative and summative assessments.
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Real-Time Immersive Live Online Lessons for Fun & Effective Math Learning

Plenty of quality live interactions with teachers and friends
Answer questions and win coins for a fun, motivating and rewarding learning journey!
Earn coins while answering questions during class, and exchange coins for lovely gifts to express appreciation to teachers and friends!
Real-time, data-driven assessment of your child’s learning
Live question and answer opportunities serve as learning checkpoints, and provide your child’s Master Teacher and Guiding Teacher with real-time data to assess your child’s understanding, provide further guidance after the live lesson and keep the live lesson at a suitable learning pace.
Complementary printed and digital lesson materials, including pre-lesson and post-lesson homework
Printed lesson materials complement your child’s live online lesson experience – delivered right to your home for your convenience*!
Past Live Lesson Video Playbacks
Our Think Academy Classroom App works on most desktops, mobile phones and tablets so that learning can happen at your convenience anytime, anywhere.Watch video playbacks via the App for up to 6 months after the live lesson ends! It's a great way to recap and revise!

1.Parent-teacher phone conversation before your child’s first lesson to discuss his or her learning needs and goals

2.Pre-lesson activity for your child to complete before each lesson

3.Live broadcast online learning by a Master Teacher with close supervision by a Guiding Teacher

4.Active participation during the live class with opportunities for teacher-child interactions and interactive and engaging questions

5.Enjoy free video playbacks of the Master Teacher’s live lessons for up to 6 months to recap and revise

6.Complete homework which are marked by the Guiding Teacher with learning feedback for improvement provided

7.Dedicated 1-to-1 teacher-child consultation session to review your child’s performance, progress and areas to keep improving on

8.Regular communications with the Guiding Teacher before, during and after class where needed


Quality Dual-Teacher & EdTech-Powered Learning Experience

What Parents say about our Live online Math Lessons
Nur Aishah
Parent of Primary 3 Intermediate student
It's unbelievably simple to do online learning with Think Academy - the live interactions keeps my daughter engaged throughout the class and she loves winning coins through the lessons! Best is I don't need to sit next to her for each class. Now my younger boy wants to follow kakak and attend Think Academy classes too!
Janice Lau
Parent of Primary 4 Math Olympiad student
My daughter, Samantha, loves Think Academy's interesting Math questions, which quickly developed her higher order thinking skills! Special thanks to and grateful to learn from former Math Olympian Master Teacher Crystal and Guiding Teacher Michael, who have continuously encouraged Sammy's Math passions.
Lim Mei Yee
Parent of Primary 2 Intermediate student
I like how convenient and easy it is for my son to attend Think Academy's online classes on his iPad. Under his teachers' dual-care, he has become such a confident and enthusiastic Math learner! Every week, he is always so excited to show me the virtual rewards he got from answering questions in class.
Ravi Chandran
Parent of Primary 5 Math Olympiad student
Think Academy's curriculum is well-designed for my son's learning! They explain difficult Math concepts well, and the learning materials and feedback from his Guiding Teacher help him improve. The video playbacks help in homework revision and his Math Olympiad competition preps.
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