Think Academy Singapore

Engaging online learning experiences for your Singapore primary school child.

We are part of TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL), the largest global EdTech company, nurturing over 30 million students through quality online education learning experiences in the past 17 years.

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Engaging millions of students worldwide with quality teaching and learning experiences

17 Yr
instruction experience
900000 +
practice questions
4 %
teacher admissions rate
4646000 +
students worldwide

Why Choose Think Academy?

Quality Teachers and Online Learning Resources
Engaging learning experiences developed by Curriculum Specialists and relevant to your Singapore child's school syllabus.
Home-Based Learning Made Effective
Enjoy the flexibility of developmentally-appropriate online learning anytime, anywhere.
Affordable Learning
Costs less than the average tution class, but equally as engaging and effective for your child's learning.

Two Teachers to Nurture Your Child

Every lesson, your child will be guided by 2 teachers - a Master Teacher and Guiding Teacher.

Master Teacher

Subject experts with vast teaching experiences lead the live online lessons, imparting knowledge and developing skills for the child, explaining mathematical problem-solving methods and providing homework.

Guiding Teacher

Responsible and proactive teachers who are available to support your child 24/7, communicating effectively with your child to understand his or her learning needs and questions, guiding them to find out the answers and nurturing your child's positive learning dispositions.

What Makes Think Academy So Special?

Our online teaching and learning experiences are designed with the Singapore child's needs and interests in mind. With over 17 years of experience nurturing children using technology, we know what works to effectively engage and nurture your child to his or her potential.

Think Academy Student Experience

Independent learning by enjoying a short video clip which encompasses introductory content of new topics at their own pace.
Preview - Little Explorer Takes the Lead
Positive learning by revisiting the initial learning through answering questions in the pre-class evaluations.
Pre-Class Evaluation - Little Explorer's First Activity
Enjoy an interactive 1.5 hours live-stream class including level-based instructions, discussions and practice questions led by Master Teachers.
Virtual Lesson - Let's Learn and Have Fun Together
Continue your learning after class by receiving 24/7 support from Guiding Teachers, revisiting video recordings and reviewing learning reports.
Feedback and Review - Little Explorer's Route to Independent Learning

What We Provide

Learn anytime, anywhere
Quality teachers conduct the online learning sessions, engaging your child in real-time
Live-streaming with unlimited playbacks
Revisit content videos anytime within 6 months of each session
Easily track your child's learning progress
Providing each child with individualised learning report indicating strengths and areas of growth
Guiding teacher
Supporting your child throughout his and her learning journey

TAL is Dedicated to Optimize Learning Experience with Advanced Education Technology

Founded in 2003, Tomorrow Advancing Life (TAL) is the largest education and technology enterprise in the world, focussed on providing technology-driven, talent-centred and quality-focussed education to students worldwide. Since its establishment, TAL has been committed to integrating technologies and the internet into education, to deliver a better learning experience for students.

Since October 2010, it has been on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TAL) - the first Chinese education institution for primary and secondary school students to be listed in the United States.