Preparing students for Primary 1

Our K2 curriculum is designed around preparing for a successful transition from Kindergarten to Primary School and it focuses on developing children's knowledge, abilities and habits

Semester 2 (June-August) will focus on the following Math Modules.

  • Calculation: Addition and Subtraction of whole numbers within 100
  • Spatial Awareness: 2D shapes, symmetry, splicing shapes, and positional words 
  • Logical Reasoning: Enumeration, comparative reasoning, and selected Primary 1 concepts

Semester 3 (September to December) will focus on calculation, 3D shapes, and advanced logical reasoning.

  • Calculation (Advanced): Currency problem, queuing problem, understanding equal division
  • 3D shapes: Able to identify, combine and imagine 3D shapes
  • Advanced logical reasoning questions: Equivalent substitution, balance problems, inductive reasoning, number puzzles

Through fun and engaging real-life scenarios, students will explore the world of math, deepen their interest and understanding through videos, songs and hands-on activities.