Focus of P2 Math Olympiad
Building Solid Foundation: Calculation

To enhance mathematical thinking, a solid foundation in calculation is essential. According to the MOE syllabus and various mathematics competitions in Singapore, children in Primary 2 should master: addition and subtraction within 10,000, multiplication and division within the multiplication table, division with remainder, multi-digit division, and addition and subtraction of fractions. These skills can be systematically learned and practiced in Think Academy long-term courses.

At the same time, during the early years of primary school, children will be exposed to and master ten tips and tricks in calculation (making ten, rounding, moving with signs, truncating, cancellation, benchmark numbers, grouping, pyramid summation, Gauss summation, and multi-digit calculations), progressively improving their computational skills through interesting and effective courses.

Enhancing Capabilities: Comprehensive application ability

The proportion of application problems in the P2 grade has increased, testing children's comprehensive ability to quickly identify the core of a problem and choose the appropriate solution. Think Academy curriculum, through step-by-step teaching, helps children systematically master knowledge points and cultivates the ability to flexibly apply knowledge, thereby gradually constructing a basic mathematical framework.

Thinking Process: Orderly thinking, transition from concrete to abstract thinking
i. Systematic Thinking

Think Academy adheres to the cognitive development patterns of children and, at the P2 stage, focuses on the application of classification discussions and enumeration methods under multiple conditions and scenarios. Through the study of knowledge points such as arithmetic reasoning, figure counting, number arrangement, and number composition, the program aims to enhance children's ability to think systematically.

ii. Transition from Concrete to Abstract Thinking

According to Piaget's theory of cognitive development in children, children in the P2 stage (7-11 years old) are in the concrete operational stage, which is a period when children transition from concrete to abstract thinking. Children at this stage already have certain logical thinking abilities, but their thinking still requires the support of concrete objects to solve problems effectively.

For P2 kids, Think Academy follows CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) teaching method to gradually guide students from concrete operations to establish intuitive cognition, and then to transition to higher levels of abstract thinking. Meanwhile, by using three core models (Part-Whole, Comparison, Unitary Model), children can turn abstract problems to concrete form, to better solve complex mathematical problems.