Develop Math Olympiad Thinking

Our Primary 4 Mathematical Olympiad training is carefully designed to build a strong foundation for students to prepare for Math Olympiads such as RMO, APMOPS, SMOPS and NMOS. It aims to build a strong foundation for students in Math Olympiad through the following aspects:

As students enter Upper Primary, they will need to tap on the math concepts learnt previously and develop competency in new skills and math modules tested in Upper Primary Math Olympiad. They will also be exposed to all the 7 Math Modules in Math Olympiads. At this stage, cultivating students' thinking skills and problem-solving abilities by connecting previous concepts and developing a strong knowledge framework.

Through such a systematic curriculum, students will develop strong logical reasoning, innovative abilities and deep understanding of mathematics. Not only can children achieve excellent results in competitions, but more importantly, they can gain lifelong thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.