What is Think Academy Singapore Math Olympaid(TASMO)?

Think Academy Singapore Math Olympiad (TASMO) is a math competition organized by Think Academy Singapore in September annually. The competition is open to K2 to P6 students.
The test questions are set by a team of experts, including the former coach of China and Saudi Arabia national Math Olympiad team. The questions are based on the seven abilities of calculation, geometric cognition, data processing, abstraction, logical reasoning, practical application, and creative thinking. The competition is suitable for students who have strong interest and aptitude in math. Outstanding individuals and teams will be awarded. The medalists will be invited to our global Think Math Competition (TMC) to represent Think Academy Singapore and compete with top Think Academy students in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Malaysia.

Registration Period:
Sep 1 - Oct 8,2022


Exam Date:
Oct 10,2022




Exam Duration:


Results of TASMO is now out. View here.