Real-Time Immersive Live Online Lessons for Fun & Effective Math Learning

LIVE Interactivity with Teachers & Friends – Everyone Gets to Participate!
Participate Actively & Win Coins for Fun-filled, Motivated Learning!
Earn coins while answering questions during class, and exchange coins for lovely gifts to express appreciation to teachers and friends!
Real-Time, Data-Driven Assessment of Your Child’s Learning
Live question and answer opportunities serve as learning checkpoints, and provide your child’s Master Teacher and Guiding Teacher with real-time data to assess your child’s understanding, provide further guidance after the live lesson and keep the live lesson at a suitable learning pace.
Complementary Course Materials including Pre and Post Lesson Homework
Printed lesson materials complement your child’s live online lesson experience – delivered right to your home for your convenience*!
Video Playbacks for Missed Lessons or Revisions
Our Think Academy Classroom App works on most desktops, mobile phones and tablets so that learning can happen at your convenience anytime, anywhere.Watch video playbacks via the App for up to 6 months after the live lesson ends! It's a great way to recap and revise!

1.Discuss your child’s learning needs and goals with our teacher

2.Do our pre-lesson preview questions

3.Participate actively in our lessons

4.Animated Math storylines, questions and answers and games – learn and win virtual coins

5.Practise more challenging questions – submit homework

6.Free 6-month video playback to recap and revise

7.Consult our teacher for additional learning and feedback

8.Switch class timings with ease via your Student Portal

Small Class Size & EdTech-Powered Learning

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