More than a Job... it's an adventure in innovation
Making Education better with Love and Technology

At Think Academy, we are redefining online education. With the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet, and other information technologies, we are shaping the future of online education and promoting education progress. To get there, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a collective of optimists and actionists to tackle this challenging objective.

We believe in the philosophy of listening to the voice of our customers and partners. Commit to delivering extraordinary products and customer services. Join us and let's build the world's most advanced online education engine.

Make Your Own Rules
Dare to step outside the box and build up creative problem-solving solutions.
Constantly Surpassing Yourself
We enjoy working on challenge tasks together as the hardest challenges are often the most rewarding.
Influence and Impact More
At Think Academy, we're trying to bring fair and high quality education to every student - not just grow our business.
Working With Think Academy
Our Values
Customer Commitment
Quality beyond the Quantity
Be Open and Integrity
Be Passionate and Determined
Embrace and Drive Change
Busniess Development
We are the brains of the team and the engine of business development! We turn good ideas into reality, drive the branch to reach performance targets and make ourselves the backbone of the team.
Curriculum Development
Our team is the core of the SG branch. Without high quality curriculum content, it is impossible to develop children's interest in math or help them improve their learning situation.
Teacher Development and quality Management
Think Academy takes teaching quality as the priority for all teachers. We transform novices into professional teachers with vivid expressions and clear logic flow.
Student Service
We keep the Engin running! The Student Services team's mission is to coordinate resources and system management to ensure every student has the assistance necessary to succeed in online education.
Corporate Functional
Composed of functional departments that are responsible for specific functions within the company.
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